How to Fix the HAGO Game Can’t Be Opened, Error, Freeze!!

Playing casual games and being able to communicate between users or enemies is certainly an experience for some users.

The hago game is one of the games of a million people that is present for all ages, from small children, and teenagers, to adults. don’t be surprised if hago game advertisements are everywhere, because this game is really fun to play.

Present and always updated with game options – exciting games that are easy to play make some people lulled to play them continuously.

How to Fix the HAGO Game Can't Be Opened, Error, Freeze!!

In one application, there are many game options to choose from, such as Sheep Fight, where the contents are pushing each other with the sheep.

Apart from that, there is a Fun Link which contains fruit icons that are played according to the same color and fruit. The faster you are, the faster your chance of winning.

Then there is the most exciting thing, namely Knife Hit, throwing a knife at the wood until it breaks within a predetermined amount of time. The more wood you break, the greater your chance of winning.

There is also a Brain Quiz which contains a short quiz that you have to answer. Speed ​​of thinking and accuracy in choosing answers are the keys to victory. There are many other games which are all available in one application.

Play often with the opposite sex, that’s the goal of the HAGO game. Chat communication, emojis, and voice calls make players more challenged.

Fixed: HAGO Can’t be Opened

If a game has problems, whatever it is, whether it can’t be opened, can’t log in, freezes, or lags when playing, of course, there is a cause. It could be that the RAM memory is full, cache files have accumulated on the system, and the internet connection is slow.

Here I am trying to help solve the problems you are facing, but you know that every user has different problems. Adjust it to the current state of your smartphone.

Hopefully, the following tips can help.

1. Try closing & opening the game again

The first method you can use is to close and reopen the application. Who knows, just by doing this, the game can be played again. If the problem persists, try the next method.

2. Check Internet Connectivity

Next, make sure your internet connection is really smooth. Because after all, playing HAGO, looking for friends, chatting, voice calls, opponents or enemies must be connected to the internet.

Try testing by opening another application such as YouTube, Play Store, or others. If it’s slow, then check your internet quota. Take advantage of the airplane mode feature for a few moments to refresh and search for new networks.

3. Use Security Applications to Boost Memory

Every latest Android device today is definitely equipped with security features or a security center. The goal is to clean viruses, cache, cookies, and history, and boost RAM memory.

By doing this, it is hoped that smartphone performance will be more optimal and opening games or applications will feel smooth, without crashes and lag. For example, below I use the security application on a Xiaomi device.

You can try it yourself on the smartphone you have.

  1. The first step, open the “Security” application on your Xiaomi cellphone. This application is usually directly on the Home Screen with a green icon/logo. Once opened, you will see the appearance ( Interface ) of the application. Then tap “Cleaner”…
  2. Next, the application will scan all temporary files. When scanning is complete, you can tap “Clean” to clean cache files and other temporary files.
  3. That’s a short and fast method for cleaning cache files on a Xiaomi cellphone using the Security application. Pretty easy isn’t it?
  4. Done.

4. Clear HAGO Game Cache

Excessive cache buildup in internal memory and Android RAM certainly causes problems with some applications and games. Apart from using the Security Application, you can also clean the cache manually directly in application management.

This method is also quite effective in dealing with Android games that cannot be played. To do this, you can see the example below.

  • Go to Settings » Apps & Notifications » Apps » Select “HAGO” » Storage » and tap “Clear Cache”.

NOTE: I did this method on the Huawei NOVA 2 Lite smartphone.

5. Delete HAGO Game Data

Apart from the method above, another way is to delete application data. In this way, of course, the settings and game options will return to their default positions. The data referred to here are history, bookmarks, cache, cookies, databases, and other temporary data.

Don’t worry, later you can log in again when the HAGO Game is normal and all the levels you played will not be lost.

  • Go to Settings » Apps & Notifications » Apps » Select “HAGO” » Storage » and tap “Clear Data”.

NOTE: I did this method on the Huawei NOVA 2 Lite smartphone.

6. Update the HAGO application

Another thing you can do is update the application directly from the Google Play Store. Apart from getting performance improvements, you will also get UI views and the latest game additions.

You can only do this method if you haven’t updated or the latest update is available.

  • Open the Google Play Store, then search for ” HAGO “ Then you can try to tap “Update” and “Accept” .

NOTE: If the update is not available or you have previously updated, then you just ignore this method.

7. Delete Other Applications That Should Be Burdensome

If there are applications or games that you no longer use, then you better delete them. By doing this, of course, smartphone performance will be maximized because it doesn’t run many applications.

Especially if the application in question is running behind the screen which generally always uses up RAM and Internet Quota. And to delete the application, you can see the steps below.

  • Go to Settings » Apps & Notifications » Apps » Select “App Name” » and tap “Uninstall”.

NOTE: I did this method on the Huawei NOVA 2 Lite smartphone.

8. Reinstall HAGO Game

And for the last one, you can try reinstalling it. You can do this if deleting data and restarting doesn’t solve your problem. All HAGO data will still be there and later you can log in again after reinstalling.

  • Go to Settings » Apps & Notifications » Apps » Select “HAGO” » and tap “Uninstall”.

NOTE: I did this method on the Huawei NOVA 2 Lite smartphone.

The Final Word

By applying the several methods that I wrote above, it is hoped that the HAGO game will be normal and can be played again. Write your questions or complaints about the HAGO game through the comments column below.

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