• 2012 Experimenting with concepts for Sevak Solutions' next ventures
  • 2009 Continued acceleration in financial and non-financial sectors
  • 2008 Partnered with IFC to establish its mobile financial service business
  • 2007 Began providing acceleration services to emerging market companies
  • 2006 Developed consulting arm to address growing demand
  • 2005 Demonstrated client demand and uptake for agent services during pilots
  • 2003 Defined architecture for next generation financial service delivery to the poor
  • 2002 Led consortium to address challenges of scale in microfinance delivery
    Once strategic decisions have been reached, Sevak Solutions works with its clients to develop all aspects of their implementation plans. This work includes not only the planning phases, but also encompasses the actual deployment. Sevak Solutions can be involved in whatever phase and to whatever level is required - from fiscal management to project oversight to responsibility for the entire implementation.

    Core Services
    • Implementation planning, timelines, and budgeting
    • Organization structures for deployment
    • Staffing skill mix, requirements, and recruitment
    • Implementation oversight and project management
    • Fiscal management
    Sample Assignments
    • Bank South Pacific, Papua New Guinea. Assisted with rural expansion strategy that included a combination card-based and mobile delivery channels. Recruited long-term consultants that were embedded in the business to drive results. Created vision for pilot to take the cash out of the commodity value chain.

    • IFC Mobile Money Toolkit ©. . Created a Mobile Money Toolkit that helped mobile money providers build their businesses. Included 14 chapters that covered entire business from regulations to agent network management to customer education. Final toolkit contains over 3,000 pages of material - more than half of which is new content.More...

    • Paynet, Kenya. Provided support to technology company seeking to deploy a POS solution in Kenya
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