Collaboration has more advantages than competition, because it opens the market and enables sharing with things like credit referencing. In some countries, even the central banks are pushing for collaboration among financial institutions.

- CEO, Microfinance Bank, Ghana

CHALLENGE: Incubate a Network to Rapidly and Successfully Scale Microfinance in 11 Countries
A private equity fund with microfinance investments in 11 African countries, AfriCap wanted to maximize knowledge sharing and educational networking across its portfolio companies. AfriCap sought to better understand the support members needed to develop their people, improve their processes, and integrate technology in their businesses.
SEVAK SOLUTION: Executive-level research across network and operational recommendations
Sevak Solutions interviewed senior managers from the member banks (ranging from Egypt to South Africa and from Senegal to Madagascar) to understand shared management goals and get input on preferred ways of learning and sharing information. Sevak Solutions synthesized these inputs into a series of concrete recommendations for AfriCap and its members.
  • Overview of key problems common to the 11 countries
  • Specific, workable plan of regular education and networking that was vetted with members during a full-day face-to-face meeting
  • Next steps for AfriCap to support network members successfully, enabling them to jointly solve problems and learn from each other’s experiences
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