ACCION International, a Uganda Microfinance Limited partner, has made a short video about the need to scale microfinance and the role that point-of-sale solutions like the RTS and the ESE can have in these environments.
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CHALLENGE: Grow the card base to 10,000 customers and build a sustainable model
In early 2006, Sevak Solutions returned to Uganda to work with Uganda Microfinance Limited (UML). The goal of the partnership included growing the base of cards to 10,000, building an agent network of 20, and introducing the solution to more financial institutions. A year later, these goals had not been met. While the concept was strategically sound, the operational and technical context in which the pilot had been deployed was not producing sufficient results. However, the microfinance customers who were using the RTS were obtaining significant value from the solution, and wanted it to continue. Sevak Solutions was committed to finding a sustainable, commercial alternative for UML that would allow the company to grow its point-of-sale operations with limited disruption to the organization, its agents, or its clients.
SEVAK SOLUTIONS: Persevere from Prototype to Commercialization
In 2007, with Sevak Solutions’ assistance UML successfully transitioned to the ESE, a commercial point-of-sale solution made available by SourceTrace Systems (STS). One of the strengths of the ESE is its ability to overcome many of the technology infrastructure challenges that thwarted the RTS at UML. As part of its work in Uganda, Sevak Solutions came to understand the myriad challenges that faced a microfinance institution as it attempted to expand its business through new delivery channels. The value chain of services that needed to be provided for a sustainable solution as well as the level of commitment required from the participating financial institution also become clear. These lessons – as well as the successes and failings of the project - are reflected in a third-party analysis of the RTS project.
  • RTS pilot completed June 2007
  • Key lessons learned captured in third-party analysis
  • SourceTrace Systems enters the market with the ESE, providing enhanced services to UML
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