• 2012 Experimenting with concepts for Sevak Solutions' next ventures
  • 2009 Continued acceleration in financial and non-financial sectors
  • 2008 Partnered with IFC to establish its mobile financial service business
  • 2007 Began providing acceleration services to emerging market companies
  • 2006 Developed consulting arm to address growing demand
  • 2005 Demonstrated client demand and uptake for agent services during pilots
  • 2003 Defined architecture for next generation financial service delivery to the poor
  • 2002 Led consortium to address challenges of scale in microfinance delivery
  • Portfolio: Partners
    Sevak Solutions has worked with a small number of companies around the world that are innovating new approaches for the delivery of critical services to the poor. By building on its experience developing and implementing such approaches, Sevak Solutions was able to help these companies find the resources they needed to be more successful.

    XSProject, Indonesia. XSProject transforms consumer and corporate waste into products with innovative designs. In the process the company creates jobs and stimulates the local economy to combat poverty. When Sevak Solutions was introduced to XSProject, the non-profit was running with a volunteer staff and about to go out of business. Sevak Solutions partnered with the company to turn it around, train staff, and transition a sustainable business back to the local team. More...

    MicroPlanet Technologies, Global. Offering a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, MicroPlanet Technologies seeks to accelerate the impact of technology to microfinance institutions' bottom lines. The non-profit emerged from leading IT work that the founders had undertaken in some of the best known microfinance networks. When they initially launched their non-profit, Sevak Solutions stepped in to help the start-up organization manage its financial resources and initial implementation plans.

    Paynet, Kenya. . Part of The Paynet Group, Paynet Kenya provides electronic business solutions in the banking sector. As part of a consortium created by Sevak Solutions, Paynet expanded its Kenyan business beyond ATM networks to include point-of-sale networks that will reach into more remote regions of the country. This work was made possible through a Social Protection Payments Challenge grant initiated by FSD Kenya and CGAP. More...

    SourceTrace Systems, Global. A market leader in microfinance and agriculture supply chain traceability systems, SourceTrace Systems developed a wireless solution using point-of-sale devices, PDAs, smart phones and other devices for remote data and transaction capture. The company's ESE Everywhere system is being used in Latin America, Asia and other parts of the world for agriculture and financial tracking.
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