• 2012 Experimenting with concepts for Sevak Solutions' next ventures
  • 2009 Continued acceleration in financial and non-financial sectors
  • 2008 Partnered with IFC to establish its mobile financial service business
  • 2007 Began providing acceleration services to emerging market companies
  • 2006 Developed consulting arm to address growing demand
  • 2005 Demonstrated client demand and uptake for agent services during pilots
  • 2003 Defined architecture for next generation financial service delivery to the poor
  • 2002 Led consortium to address challenges of scale in microfinance delivery
  • Consulting: Services
    Since 2005, Sevak Solutions has been providing consulting services to a range of clientele interested in extending the reach of financial services to the poor. Initially our work was centered on technology, but as the industry progressed we shifted to the more critical issues of business strategy, financial models, and key implementation challenges, such as agent network build-out, liquidity management, and customer uptake. We help clients achieve breakthrough results. Our consulting services currently fall into four main categories.

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