“Build” or “buy” are no longer the only technology choices for a microfinance institution. There are now other options, such as “on-demand”, “shared infrastructure”, and “open source” that could enable a thoughtful strategy for microfinance programs in Pakistan.

CHALLENGE: Map technology requirements and implementation plans for microfinance
Shorebank International Ltd. (SBI) required a multi-phased technology intervention as part of their USAID-funded initiative in Pakistan. First, they needed an evaluation of the technology systems at three microfinance institutions. Then they needed assistance in working with one of the institutions to follow through on recommendations, implementing new solutions.
SEVAK SOLUTION: Technology evaluations, staffing assistance, and implementation planning
Sevak Solutions analyzed the technology infrastructures at three microfinance institutions and provided recommendations for extending the reach of financial services. The results of this work parlayed into second, third, and fourth assignments to assist one of the institutions as they revamped their entire IT strategy. Specific work included providing guidance to executive staff on business planning, technology requirements, technology purchasing recommendations, IT division staffing, and implementation support.
  • Served as technology advisor to executive team across all aspects of business planning and early stages of implementation
  • Technology requirement and evaluation documents developed by Sevak Solutions were used to compare vendors and make final purchasing decisions
  • IT Manager hired
  • High-level implementation plans delivered and vetted with new IT Manager
  • Presented concept of an open platform for microfinance in the country
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