The formal and semi-formal sectors combined are only reaching 11% of the potential market. In contrast, the informal sector is reaching 35% of the market – or 7.35 million individuals. Tying this sector to the formal financial sector provides the greatest opportunity, and it is where many of the banks and donors in Tanzania are focusing their efforts.

CHALLENGE: Decipher unknown investment landscape in key African geography
Microsoft wanted to learn about the microfinance market in Africa. The company was interested in investing, but needed data, guidance and recommendations on which players and technologies were key to securing a foothold in the market. Tanzania was a country of special interest to the company, so the investigation focused there.
SEVAK SOLUTION: Country-wide feasibility study, market map, and due diligence recommendations
Sevak Solutions interviewed executives across the financial services sector, including bank, microfinance institutions, regulatory bodies, donor agencies, technology companies, service providers, and telcos. The existing financial landscape and value chain was mapped. Trends were noted and gaps were identified. A final report included a short list of companies that warranted additional due diligence.
  • Delivered 58-page report of interview data and findings
  • Identified market requirements and provided hypothesis about how to best meet market needs
  • Provided short list of companies that warranted additional due diligence
  • Microsoft well positioned to leverage their new understanding of the market in Tanzania to formulating its strategy and approach to microfinance investment in Africa
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