• 2012 Experimenting with concepts for Sevak Solutions' next ventures
  • 2009 Continued acceleration in financial and non-financial sectors
  • 2008 Partnered with IFC to establish its mobile financial service business
  • 2007 Began providing acceleration services to emerging market companies
  • 2006 Developed consulting arm to address growing demand
  • 2005 Demonstrated client demand and uptake for agent services during pilots
  • 2003 Defined architecture for next generation financial service delivery to the poor
  • 2002 Led consortium to address challenges of scale in microfinance delivery
  • Vision
    Several years ago, we put forward the following vision: Sevak Solutions is working toward a world where any individual - no matter how poor they are or where they live - will be able to have access to the types of financial services that only a small percentage of the world currently enjoys. We are reminded that as recently as one century ago, the poor in the United States were considered unbankable. It was only through the leadership of pioneers like A.P. Giannini, who started that Bank of America, that the average citizen was given access to basic financial services.
    Sevak Solutions was formed to link the world’s poor to the financial grid
    At Sevak Solutions we have always believed the vision that drove leaders like A.P. Giannini and Dee Hock, the founder of VISA, can be applied to the billions of people around the world who currently have no access to financial services. We believed it was possible to create sustainable infrastructures that will link unbanked customers to the formal financial sector. Scale will be achieved with the reduced transaction and operational costs that can be attained from a standardized - and shared - infrastructure. Financial institutions, mobile network operators, and third-party service providers that share costs and benefits will serve individuals across the financial spectrum - regardless of where they live or how much money they have.

    Our vision is now becoming a reality
    As it does, Sevak Solutions is looking toward the next horizons of innovation for the poor.
    Our Name
    Sevak is a Sanskrit word that means "to serve" or "one who serves". The social aspect of our work is a core element of our vision, although we also seek profitability across the value chain.
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